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Oct 13

What do you perceive as (A) 3 benefits of action research and (B) 3 barriers for implementation?

According to the publication by the Department of Education Action Research in Schools, action research can be used in numerous ways that benefit and assist the learning process of students and teachers.  The benefits of action research can include:  1)  Action research is a means to improving student achievement through more effective teaching and administration of schools;  2) Engaging in action research influenced teachers’ thinking skills, sense of efficacy, willingness to communicate with colleagues, and attitudes toward professional development and the process of change;  3) Educators involved in action research became more flexible in their thinking, more open to new ideas, and more able to solve new problems.  It is important to realize the benefits and purposes of action research, specifically in relation to the current professional demands and responsibilities.

The publication Action Research in Schools also states that it’s important to address potential barriers of successful implementation through preparation and planning.  Examples of barriers that may impede on the facilitation of effective implementation of action research include:  1)  Action research may be viewed as a tool for gaining support for one instructional practice over another;  2) Action research requires time to collaborate; 3)  Individual teachers’ comfort levels with seeking outside support and assistance can be an obstacle to action research. 

As I was reading this publication I kept thinking about how collaboration and action research work together.  It seems that many of the benefits and concerns are similar to those of a collaborative service model.  However, if SLPs feel comfortable with a collaborative service model, then action research should not be too difficult to implement with the right teachers and adequate support.

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  1. cristinarodriguezroig
    4:52 pm - 10-14-2010

    Just like you, I also found myself thinking about the link between collaboration and action research while reading for this assignment. You have definitely brought up an excellent observation that the same teachers and SLP’s that would make perfect candidates for collaboration are the same type of teachers and SLP’s that would make excellent candidates for conducting action research together. They would have to be willing to work together, open to each others ideas and committed to sharing the responsibility for the work and outcomes.

  2. majamcclanahan
    5:56 pm - 10-14-2010

    I too thought of the link between action research and collaboration. While I was completeing my blog post I was even thinking that it seemed more on collaboration then action research.

    I think a SLP and general education teacher would make an excellent team. Of coarse there are a lot of “if’s.” If both are flexible, willing to work with each other, open to other’s ideas and maybe even be open to constructive critisism. Also, there is always that issue of time. Enough would have to be available to both parties.

    I visited a new school today. It has only been open a year. About 70% of the staff are young and new to teaching. I would think in this enviroment action research and collaboration would be easier to achieve. Not many are set in their ways and they are more open to different ideas. Of coarse, this isn’t usually the case. With teachers that have been teaching for years it would be much harder to get many of them to open themselves up to new ideas.

  3. emg10d
    12:08 pm - 10-17-2010

    I did think of collaboration when learning about Action Research but I also observed the difference in that you can also have an individual research plan. I think that ideally, co-teacher action research of school action research could potentially achieve the most significant improvements.

    I just went to a staff meeting last Wednesday and the Principal spoke about our school’s “grade” and how it dropped from an A to a C. He went on about how this year we are going to analyze the data and look specifically at WHERE we need to be working and what we need to be implementing. This stuck out in my mind as Action Research. Our school has identified a problem, looking to see how we can implement strategies to correct the problem, implement the plan, and then measure the outcome.

    It seems that Action Research is a great way to improve teaching methods and strategies as well as student and school-wide achievement.

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